Paraigua trencat


Paraigua trencat

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Tarragona 2016. Fotografía química papel Baritado con baño de selenio.

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About the prints

The photos presented in this online shop are for sale and available in three different sizes.

20 x 20 cm (7,87'' x 7.87'') limited edition of 25

30 x 30 cm (11.81'' x 11.81'') limited edition of 25

50 x 50 cm (17.71'' x 17.71'') limited edition of 25

Delivery charges and taxes are not included. These photos are in digital format and created with the most modern techniques.  All prints have a white margin with the author's signature, the location and year when the image was obtained.

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Limited edition certificate of Authenticity (5 copies)

This is certify that this paper baritadt of the original photograph taken by Rubén Perdomo is strictly limited to just twenty prints and five Artist’s Proofs on paper size 20x20cm or 30x30cm or 50x50cm.

Chemical paper Baritado. The production process has been fully supervised and approved by the artist. Each print and accompanying Limited Edition Certificate have been individually hand signed and dated by the artist. The image is subject to international Copyright Law and may not be altered or reproduced in way whatsoever. The image is Copyrighted to Rubén Perdomo ©2016,